What is “26”?

26 is a creative numerological (tetragrammatical) bibliomancy project. It is a way to occupy fragile spaces by tiptoeing in, with, and between texts through the framing playspaces of numerology and bibliomancy.

26 is the number value of the Hebrew “Tetragrammaton” (lit. 4-letter) name of god, YHVH.

Western culture has decided to pronounce this variously as “Yahweh” and “Jehovah.” But in Jewish tradition this divine name is precisely unpronounceable. It’s being unpronounceable is kind of the whole point…

[Read an excerpt from my essay on Moses-the-Lawgiver’s Gift of Speech as a kind of Speechlessness]


(1) Engage 2 or more texts, poems, songs, etc. @ page, section, footnote, line, or minute-marker 26 (or 126, 226, etc.). (2) Follow the thread/s. (3) Live for a moment in the interstitial spaces between them.


26 is inspired by the idea that we find ourselves in the grips of shimmers— sheer intensities that feel extremely significant to ourselves for reasons that would not make sense to anyone else or for no reasons at all.

These moments pulse through and inflect us. Embodied life embarks from and embanks on these very shores. 

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