Sarah Pessin


a pro-democracy ‘anti-democracy watch’

From overt calls to dictatorship among hipster 30-somethings on the “new right” to religious nationalisms and anti-religious populisms, fascist, anti-fascist, pro-tech, anti-tech, and everything in between: The worst dangers to democracy are coming from all directions.

Note: I explore thinkers based on one or both of two criteria: Their anti-democracy ideas are (1) in the public record (publications, talks, credible interviews, etc.) and/or (2) being referenced (described, analyzed, etc.) in credible scholarship or news sources as actively influencing contemporary anti-democracy efforts. While I myself find anti-democracy dangerous, it does not follow that someone who explores anti-democracy is dangerous: It is possible that they are or that they are not; but regardless of their intentions, it is possible that their ideas generate dangerous possibilities that they did not envision.

Find a toolbox of methods & symbols for assessing and addressing moving political currents. “A causes B” is too static for serious analysis.

Find quick summaries of things to know and thinkers and themes worth worrying about in the Fact Sheets project.

Find bite-sized prompts & provocations in the Think Tiles project.

Visit the Read This portal for a bibliography of resources + featured media (essays, videos, etc.) to get you thinking & worrying.

Which groups have violence built into their action plan?

Which groups have violence as a “Plan B” and what would need to happen to activate that plan?

Violence or not: Which groups reject human kindness, social welfare, and public good as part of a healthy system of governance?

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