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Lily Padding with RLGN 6000!

Thanks to “Team 2019” Joint Doctoral Program students in my Spring 2022 RLGN 6000 course for lily padding!

To the left, we consider the role of play in the life of the mind–capes and all! Above, we react to online images of the unholy terror that is the hummingbird moth (not to be confused with the beloved hummingbird!)

Jeff Zust

He opened His heart, the door of Heaven was opened to Him.  When we are in touch with the highest spirit in ourselves, we too are a Buddha, filled with the Holy Spirit, and we become very tolerant, very open, very deep, and very understanding.

Living Buddha, Living Christ 20th Anniversary Edition (p 38). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

There can hardly have been any serious intellectual reason for my dislike of these philosophers, although I do have a kind of congenital distaste for philosophic idealism. But we were reading The Republic in Greek, which meant that we never got far enough into it to be able to grasp the ideas very well. Most of the time I was too helpless with the grammar and syntax to have time for any deeper difficulties.

Merton, Thomas. The Seven Storey Mountain (p. 83). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

From Alice in Wonderland

A large rose tree

roses white, but there were three gardeners standing by them busily painting them red

My sentence:

We take time trying to change things to fit our tastes without taking the time to enjoy things they way they are. 

Grego Peña-Camprubí

He’s dreaming of consciousness; 

Unaware of the positive forces of unreason. 

An unreasonable consciousness that speaks about the absence of madness. 

A dream of what? 

Dreamt by whom?  

The Productions of Space by Lefebvre (p.207)

History of Madness by Foucault (p.207)

Hesron Sihombing


Alice cannot say anything until the pigeon goes away.

Soren: God and I have no common language

Charles Taylor: our first condition of existence is greatest simplicity.


Language offers to us connection, but language at its deepest level is what Charles Taylor calls the “greatest simplicity” in which our needs accord with each other based on what nature bestows. This language is not about utterance, but about a complete silence which paradoxically is at the same time complete understanding. Even though Alice cannot say anything when the pigeon stays, their communication is deep at the level of understanding. Understanding in the middle of silence. Soren Kierkegaard, when explaining about Abraham and God on the sacrifice of Isaac, has claimed that silence between him and God starts because they have no common language, but the interaction with God’s permanent love is the deepest language that bridges the absence of common language as utterance and yet still a language.

Jack Hamblin

What is his sorrow?

I’m a surf bum. You know

a sack of patatos. 

What is his sorrow?

I’m a surf bum. You know, a

sack of patatos. 

It needed a comma. 

What is his sorrow?

I’m a surf bum. You know, a

sack of potatoes.

And potatoes needed to be spelled correctly ?

What is his sorrow?

I’m a surf bum. You know, a

sack of potatoes. 


Alice and Wonderland;

John Green’s The Anthropocene Reviewed;

The World in the Curl: An Unconventional History of Surfing by Peter Westwick and Peter Neushul 

Last email. Maybe….

Elyse Pierce

My sentences:

“Each time I see his teeth, nausea elbows me.”

“Part of her is here, a whisper of our mother in the water– half wish, half fear.”

“Oh, Tiger Lily, I wish you could talk.”


anthropomorphism (of plants, feelings, dead people), human tendency to view everything on our own scale and in our own likeness also, teeth:tiger ; lily:[dead] mother ; talk:nausea:whisper; wish(twice)

Mona Moayedi

“Then the queen left off quite out of breath: “have you seen the mock turtle?” And Alice said: “But I don’t even know what a mock turtle is””.

(Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)

Mock turtle, copycat, tree of life, coalition stone …

(One Place After Another, p 101)

“Can we live without the languages with which we name our experience?”

(The Palm at the End of the Mind, p 101)

A stone in a mountain or at the corner of the street is just a stone.  But when we put a name on it we make it special. The language is the means by which we know, name, create, define, and describe our experience of being within the universe and communicate and transmit it to the others.

Amanda Henderson

Sitting around the campfire, after a battle that left them feeling hopeless he said, “Here we are, all together, Arapahos and Cheyennes, but few of us, we are one people.” “Do you want to talk about the future?” Eliot asks, trying to switch to a lighter subject. With arms folded, frowning like a thunderstorm, Lenor shouted, “No! What kind of future do you think we have?”

Excerpts from P. 100 from:

Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee, by Dee Brown

O Beautiful, by Jung Yun

Alice and Wonderland, by Lewis Caroll

Sho McClarence


“The method for each other are experimental.”

“I call the forces of freshness, thought, and movement.” 

“I speak severally to my boy, I beat him when he sneezes, for he can thoroughly enjoy the pepper when he pleases” 

1st try:

The forces of thought and movement are highly experimental, for each and every person the best method to test is when given pepper it is a pleasure or if the sneezes are too depressed.

2nd try:

The method is severe

for movement and thought disappear pepper is pleasure.

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