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Guest Posts: Share an object that makes you smile…

“Sitting Politely” | Erin Rollman, Buntport Theater

“Regular old dirt is a battery full of power. We can do anything because we are everything” | Evan Weissman, Warm Cookies of the Revolution

“DC Carriage” | Christof Kasten, political philosopher and scholar of Jewish thought

“Happiness” | J Aziz, Stanford, Designing Your Life

this side up
cereal dispenser at the hotel breakfast buffet: doling out loops of fruit + a smidge of joy (San Jose, March 2023)
hope is a metal square: you can do it!
pee poll (I liked the machine enough to press green with my elbow)
afternoon spins: swirl-sitting at the hammer museum
sticker shock (the good kind)
my neighbor’s easter display is magic and memories
quiet dragon: magic comes in small containers
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