Sarah Pessin


I work in a range of interdisciplinary and intercultural areas of thought, from popular to technical and from ancient to contemporary. All of my research examines the complexity of the human condition, the space between memory and hope, the gift and challenge of ethical encounter, and the intricacies of human meaning-making.

Reflections on politics and the human condition for a wide readership

Academic work in philosophies of religion, race, ethics, politics

Academic work in Greek, Islamic, Jewish, and Christian Neoplatonisms

Civic action and intercultural bridge-building for the public good


  • Ethics and Embodiment: Early Levinas on Paradox, Pardon, and Pause (in progress- read more here)
Editor of “The Jewish Tradition,” in Medieval Philosophy: A Multicultural Reader, edited by Bruce V. Foltz, with foreword by Bernard McGinn, Part 4, pp. 367-530. London, New York, Oxford: Bloomsbury Academic, April 2019.
Author of Ibn Gabirol’s Theology of Desire: Matter and Method in Jewish Medieval Neoplatonism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013.


politics of pause (2020)
“To hate and protect”… (2018)
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