Sarah Pessin


Find your way to the 26th something-or-other in 2+ random texts (e.g. choose page 26 of a book, or line 26 of a song, etc.)

Work to create a throughline connecting the data points. (Get creative. Be receptive. Explore and play!)

Marvel at the meaning you have found/made out of chance encounters!

Some of my own explorations…

26@2.19.20: biblical angels, musical thorns, and memory from Nietzsche to Levinas
26@2.18.20: absolute creation, debt, love: on “bloodbuzz genesis”
26@2.15.20: On a Little Prince tending, Radiohead’s “Faust Arp” & Jean Arp’s lyrical plains & chairs…
26@1.17.20: on the medium is the message / massage and Alice gets a thimble in Wonderland

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