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A quick fact sheet.

Readings & Notes:

Arendt, Hannah. 1951. The Origins of Totalitarianism.

Drucker, Peter. 1939. The End of Economic Man: A Study of new Totalitarianism.

Griffin, Roger. 2018. Fascism. Key Concepts in Political Theory series. Medford; Cambridge: Polity.

Hull, Katy. 2021. The Machine Has A Soul: American Sympathy with Italian Fascism. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Mosse, George L. 1966. “The Genesis of Fascism,” Journal of Contemporary History 1(1): 14-26.

Hannah Arendt approaches various political ideologies in terms of “totalitarianism“.

Contemporary scholars of fascism since the 1990s prefer finer-grained assessments of what distinguishes fascism from other forms of ideology (such as Stalinism, Nazism, etc.).

Arendt’s phenomenological insights on the “lived experience” of fascism in terms of a “totalitarian” mindset and world-view are still deeply helpful as part of the discussion.

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