Professor of Philosophy & Jewish Thought | Director of Spiritual Life • University of Denver

This summer I’m…

  • Putting final touches on my Interfaith Civics course including hosting a Fall visit with ConnectEffect!
  • Co-hosting a Gratitude BBQ for the Campus Safety team
  • Co-hosting an Ice Cream Picnic for Student Affairs
  • Working on my “Hard Hope” project at the intersection of French existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre, Jewish theorist of radical ethics Emmanuel Levinas, Queer Chicana feminist Gloria Anzaldua, African American political theorist Danielle Allen, and others!
  • Working on new SING (Spiritual INclusivity Group) initiative
  • Preparing Labyrinth, Spiritual Supper Club, and Holiday Shareout events for Fall
  • Building community with civic orgs in CA and CO
  • Chatting on podcasts
  • Just talked with John Inazu about his new book Learning to Disagree (thank you, Bipartisan Policy Center!)