Sarah Pessin

Professor of Philosophy & Interfaith Chair • University of Denver

Learn more about Sarah’s work on Hope & Responsibility

Sarah enjoys collage art; you can see some of her creations on Instagram @sarahpessin2020. She is currently working on a series of “civic micro-documentaries” and animated philosophical video shorts.

Active in the DU-Iliff Joint Doctoral Program in the Study of Religion, Sarah uses a “tetrad” tool she devised to help students find, refine, and structure their theses clearly. Click here to learn more!

Sarah also enjoys comedy (she’s pictured here performing at Buntport Theater in Denver, CO). Check out some of her recent comedic interventions!
In May 2022, Sarah was the inaugural recipient of her campus’ new Excellence in Shared Governance Award established in her honor.

Sarah is a new Senior Editor for the new online Encyclopaedia of Jewish Theology, part of the larger St Andrews Encyclopaedia of Theology project which aims to increase religious literacy for a wide public audience

Sarah created a “Writing Rhino” page for graduate students enrolled in her Dissertation Proposal Writing seminar (part of the Joint Doctoral Program in the Study of Religions); check out the “Writers on Writing” interviews (more interviews coming soon!)

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