Putting some of the biggest ideas of the day in dialogue with philosophical, historical, anthropological, literary, and spiritual traditions across the ages.

Q: How can we help students experience humanities coursework in direct relation to their most pressing questions about life, meaning, and purpose?

A: Let’s invite humanities faculty to craft courses in direct dialogue with some of the most popular books of the day on these themes–often written by authors from fields outside the humanities.

Why a “hyperlink“?

Humanities are a great supplement to the most popular wisdoms of the day. Kind of like when you click on a link in a story and it takes you to more details and backstory.

On Deck:

We’re prototyping a new ‘course incubator’ where humanities faculty from multiple campuses will put centuries of humanities tradition into dialogue with two popular guides to life. And we’re connecting this to some community partnerships and a digital “sandbox” filled with fun learning materials for anyone looking to add some insight to their day!

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