Unfortunately, when it comes to rising tides of Anti-Democracy, there are no easy solutions. But hopefully some of these materials can help us get a better picture.

Note: I explore thinkers based on one or both of two criteria: Their anti-democracy ideas are (1) in the public record (publications, talks, credible interviews, etc.) and/or (2) being referenced (described, analyzed, etc.) in credible scholarship or news sources as actively influencing contemporary anti-democracy efforts. While I myself find anti-democracy dangerous, it does not follow that someone who explores anti-democracy is dangerous: It is possible that they are or that they are not; but regardless of their intentions, it is possible that their ideas generate dangerous possibilities that they did not envision.

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And, some featured shorter writings and resources:

Shocked at Trump’s rudeness? You’re not ‘getting’ what anti-democracy is. Read my take.
Picture of dinner from here. Pretentious “10 Golden Memes” that they whipped up here. Dr. Nese Devenot’s video analysis here.
Blake Masters is just a piece of the Arizona puzzle. NYT 8.15.22