Emergent Anti-Democratic Trends

From overt calls to dictatorship among hipster 30-somethings on the “new right” (see Vanity Fair 2022), to religious nationalisms (see the Uncivil Religion digital archive project), there as some dangerously anti-democratic trends emerging. This page is something of an “anti-democracy watch” in support of democracy. I am less interested in political figures per se (though I do touch on some); I am more interested in tracing intellectual traditions informing such efforts–in the past, and, unfortunately, in the present.

Quick Fact Sheets…

Below, find fact sheets about concepts, texts, and thinkers (past and present) which are appearing in and behind a range of new anti-democratic movements.

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Some Featured Media…

Read here
Read here
Picture of dinner from here. Pretentious “10 Golden Memes” that they whipped up here. Dr. Nese Devenot’s video analysis here.
Shocked at Trump’s rudeness? You’re not ‘getting’ what anti-democracy is. Read my take.
Blake Masters is just a piece of the Arizona puzzle. NYT 8.15.22

Some Notes in Progress…

Which groups have violence built into their action plan?

Which groups have violence as a “Plan B” and what would need to happen to activate that plan?

Violence or not: Which groups reject human kindness, social welfare, and public good as part of a healthy system of governance?